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Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and most common problems as well as their solutions. Most of the issues listed are phrased in multiple different ways with a common solution.


General Questions

Where are my TSM settings stored?

All addon (and game) settings are stored in your 'World of Warcraft/WTF/' folder. Specifically, each module of TradeSkillMaster stores its settings in a file within the 'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/ACCNAME/SavedVariables/' folder with the file being a .lua file with the same name as the module. Be sure you have WoW completely closed before messing with these files or else your changes may not have any effect.

Should I download alpha versions? How do I download alpha versions?

The alpha versions are the most recent development versions of the modules which may or may not be stable. If you want the latest and greatest features and bug fixes, go ahead and grab the alpha versions. If you want the most stable versions, stick to the release versions. If you have Curse Client, you can download alpha versions by simply right clicking on the addon in your Curse Client and under "Add-on Type", switch to "Alpha". To manually download alpha versions, find the project on CurseForge and go to the "Files" tab.

Addon Questions

My Auctioning settings look different from a guide / friend / etc. I seem to be missing settings in my Auctioning groups.

You likely have advanced options hidden. You can show them by unchecking the "Hide Advanced Options" checkbox in the top "Options" page of the Auctioning Groups / Options part of the main TSM window (accessed by typing '/tsm' or clicking on the minimap icon).

My alts inventory isn't showing up in the crafting window. The items I have on the AH aren't showing / accounted for in the crafting window.

Crafting does not do any inventory (auction house is included in "inventory") tracking. It can get inventory data from either TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker (preferred) or DataStore (comes with addons like Altoholic). Make sure you have one of those installed. Then, go to the "Crafting Options" in the main TSM window (accessed by typing '/tsm' or clicking on the minimap icon to open), and click on the "Price / Inventory Settings" tab. First, make sure you have the inventory tracking addon you're using selected in the "Addon to use for alt data" box. Next, make sure all the characters (and guilds) you want Crafting to use inventory data for are selected. Finally, make sure you have the "Include items on AH" box checked (if this is the desired behavior).

How can I accomplish X, Y, and Z with less mouse clicks / interaction?

If you're talking about posting and canceling, Auctioning can make a macro for you and bind it to your scroll wheel for super-speed posting and canceling once the scan is complete. This can be found in the Auctioning options (top 'Options' page). If you're talking about something else, typing '/fstack' in game will bring up a window that'll show the names of whatever you're hovering your mouse over. If you hover over a button that has a name, you should see it. If you don't see anything that's an obvious button name, chances are that button can't be macro'd. To macro a button that does have a name, create a macro and enter '/click BTN_NAME' (obviously replace BTN_NAME as applicable and don't put the quotes).

Website Questions

How do I make an account?

To make an account on the website you will first need to have a Social Network we support. Currently you can choose from Google, Twitter, LiveID, OpenID, Steam, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


  • Second select the network you wish to login with and click on it.
  • Third fill in a Display Name and your Email address (this will be used to send you Deal Notifications, and inform you if you've won any contests.


How do I get an app key?

  • Log into the TSM website by using uLogin on the left (towards the top) of this page. Note that the application will use the email associated with whatever account you login with for notifications (if enabled).
  • Click on "My Account" on the right side of the navigation bar (at the top of the page).
  • Click on the "TSM Apps Auth" button.
  • Enter in any device name (this is just a note so you remember which key is associated to which computer) and click on the "Get Key" button. Each app key will be tied to a single device (ie single computer). You should now have an app key listed in the table with a status of "Pending".

Application Questions

Why is AuctionDB, Dealfinding, and WoWuction greyed out?

You have one of the two issues happening:

  • The application is not looking at your WoW folder, click Change... on the left and direct it to the correct folder.
  • You do not have the following addons installed: TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB, TradeSkillMaster_Shopping, and/or TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction.
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