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Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and most common problems as well as their solutions. Most of the issues listed are phrased in multiple different ways with a common solution.


General Questions

Where are my TSM settings stored?

All addon (and game) settings are stored in your 'World of Warcraft/WTF/' folder. Specifically, each module of TradeSkillMaster stores its settings in a file within the 'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/ACCNAME/SavedVariables/' folder with the file being a .lua file with the same name as the module. Be sure you have WoW completely closed before messing with these files or else your changes may not have any effect.

Should I download alpha versions? How do I download alpha versions?

The alpha versions are the most recent development versions of the modules which may or may not be stable. If you want the latest and greatest features and bug fixes, go ahead and grab the alpha versions. If you want the most stable versions, stick to the release versions. If you have Curse Client, you can download alpha versions by simply right clicking on the addon in your Curse Client and under "Add-on Type", switch to "Alpha". To manually download alpha versions, find the project on CurseForge and go to the "Files" tab. IMPORTANT: DO NOT mix alpha and release versions. If you are using an alpha for one module, use the latest alpha for ALL modules (and the core TSM addon of course). In some cases, the release may be the latest, which is fine.

Addon Questions

I'm having an issue with adding random enchant items to groups!

It's important to note that you can put both the base item (ie the item without the random enchantment) and specific random enchants in groups. This means that if you have the base item in a group, you will still be able to put the specific random enchant in the same or a different group. When a modules goes to look up what group an item is in, it'll look for the specific random enchant first, and then the base item second. If it finds the base item, the module will ignore all random enchants when conducting its operation(s) for the purposes of that item.

I use the TSM application and my TSM_WoWuction data is no longer showing up in game.

Whenever you update TSM_WoWuction, you will need to force an update in the app and then reload in game (or log in if you weren't already). All the data for TSM_WoWuction is stored within the addon files (not in your saved variables files) so will get overwritten when you update the addon.

How can I accomplish X, Y, and Z with less mouse clicks / interaction?

If you're talking about posting and canceling, Auctioning can make a macro for you and bind it to your scroll wheel for super-speed posting and canceling once the scan is complete. This can be found in the Auctioning options ("Module Operations / Options" -> "Auctioning" -> "Options"). If you're talking about something else, typing '/fstack' in game will bring up a window that'll show the names of whatever you're hovering your mouse over. If you hover over a button that has a name, you should see it. If you don't see anything that's an obvious button name, chances are that button can't be macro'd. To macro a button that does have a name, create a macro and enter '/click BTN_NAME' (obviously replace BTN_NAME as applicable and don't put the quotes).

My crafting queue shows [FILTERED] beside items queued, and I can't craft! What do I do?


If you see the red Filtered as shown above, this indicates that you have either entered text into the profession search box or applied a filter under the profession "Filters>>" button. To quickly clear these filters, simply click the "Clear Filters" button on the profession UI.

What syntax can I use for filtering results when creating groups or when shopping?

There are a number of ways to filter lists of items to find the exact ones you may want. All of these work in searching for items in Shopping, as well. The Basic syntax is STRING/MINLVL/MAXLVL/iMINILVL/iMAXILVL/exact/PRICEg. Each of these are optional entries. This may be best illustrated by examples:

  • Primordial Ruby -- Finds any items with the word "Primordial Ruby" in them
  • Primordial Ruby/exact -- Finds only the item named exactly "Primordial Ruby" (so Bold Primordial Ruby would not be returned.
  • 77/79/i272/i300 -- Returns any items usable by level 77 to level 79 characters with an ilvl between 272 and 300.
  • 77/i272 -- Returns any items usable by lvl 77 and higher characters with an ilvl of i272 or greater.
  • Grean Tea/1g -- Shopping Only : Returns any items with "Green Tea" in the name listed under 1g buyout.
  • Primal Diamond/exact/x10 Shopping Only : Searches for the exact "Primal Diamond" object and will clear the shopping screen when you last purchase takes you to 10 (or more) purchased.
  • armor -- Shopping Only : Using armor as a search string will return any armor that meets any following critera.
  • weapon -- Shopping Only : Using weapon as a search string will return any weapon that meets any following critera.

Note: In Shopping, you can append multiple searches together using a semi-colon. For example stormscale/i400;misthide/i400 returns any items with stormscale in the name above ilvl 400 as well as all the items with misthide in the name above item level 400.

Finally, check out the TSM Group Maker to quickly import sets of items for WoWHead, the Undermine Journal, or Wowuction into TSM Groups

I have an item in my bags, but it doesn't show up when I go to a group I would like to add it to. What's wrong?

Items can only be added to one group. If the you are in the Group/Item tab and do not see an item you would like to add to a group, first check that in your Group Options (select Groups at the top of the group listing), that the "Show Ungrouped Items for Adding to Subgroups" box is checked. If you still do not see the item you would like to add, check the tooltip to see if the item is already in a group. As you can see in the image below, the tooltip will list the group the item is currently contained in. You can either remove it from this group to add to your group or use the import/export to manually move the item (by shift clicking into the import box or entering the itemID) to the desired group.


I have a crafting operation setup with a crafting profit of 110% crafting (or something similar), but no or very few items are being queued.

When setting up the crafting operation, you need to specify the minimum profit you want to get from the craft. This means if the item takes 100g to craft, a 100% profit would require the item to sell for 200g or more. If you want to be sure the item sells for 110% crafting, then you should set the minimum profit to 10% crafting.

I have crafting operations setup but nothing is being restocked.

There are only three reasons why crafting won't restock:

  • Profit: Crafting will only restock if it is profitable to do so - check your minimum profit setting.
  • Min Restock Quantity: Crafting will only restock if it can craft at least your minimum restock quantity so if you have this set to 2 it must be able to craft at least 2 up to your max restock quantity.
  • Max Restock Quantity: Crafting will only restock up to your max restock quantity. You must have Itemtracker installed so that crafting knows how many you have. If you are in a guild and you don't want items in the guild bank to count make sure you ignore the guild in the crafting options under 'Inventory Settings' (This is the most common reason why crafting will not restock).

You can use "/tsm restock_help [ITEM]" to help figure out why an item isn't being restocked. If you're still stuck, include a screenshot of this command in a post on our forums.

TSM_Crafting is installed but it's not loading.

TSM_Crafting has a dependency on TSM_ItemTracker. Make sure you have the ItemTracker module installed and enabled.

Website Questions

How do I make an account?

  • First you go to http://tradeskillmaster.com/ and click on "Create new account" on the left.
  • Fill in a Display Name and your Email address (this will be used to send you Deal Notifications, and inform you if you've won any contests.


How do I get an app key?

  • Log into the TSM website by using the login box on the home page. Note that the application will use the email associated with whatever account you login with for notifications (if enabled).
  • Click on "My Account" on the right side of the navigation bar (at the top of the page).
  • Click on the "TSM Apps Auth" button.
  • Enter in any device name (this is just a note so you remember which key is associated to which computer) and click on the "Get Key" button. Each app key will be tied to a single device (ie single computer). You should now have an app key listed in the table with a status of "Pending".

Application Questions

Why is AuctionDB, Dealfinding, and WoWuction greyed out?

You have one of the two issues happening:

  • The application is not looking at your WoW folder, click Change... on the left and direct it to the correct folder.
  • You do not have the following addons installed: TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB, TradeSkillMaster_Shopping, and/or TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction.
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