Introducting the TradeSkillMaster Application!

In the past, we've released a desktop application which will automatically update your AuctionDB using Blizzard's APIs. This application was widely used and helped countless TSM users avoid ever having to scan the auction house again. Fast forward a year, and we are thrilled to introduce the new TradeSkillMaster desktop application.



Whether you are a user of the prior AuctionDB updating application or not, this new application is loaded with features to give you the edge when it comes to making gold with TradeSkillMaster.


AuctionDB Updater

Requires that the TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB addon be installed!  Visit here to download it.

  • Never scan the auction house again and keep your AuctionDB data up to date!
  • The application will automatically update your AuctionDB data for up to 5 realms.
  • Takes advantage of Blizzard's APIs to provide you with the equivalent of doing a full scan in-game every hour of the day.


Deal Notifications

Requires that the TradeSkillMaster_Shopping addon be installed!  Visit here to download it.

  • Get notified when there's a great deal on the auction house!
  • Similarly to AuctionDB, uses Blizzard's hourly auction house updates for up to 5 different realms.
  • Automatically extracts your dealfinging lists from TSM_Shopping and allows you to customize which lists to alert you for.
  • Supports free email notifications! If enabled, will automatically send you an email whenever deals are found.


WoWuction Updater

Requires that the TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction addon be installed!  Visit here to download it.

  • Similarly to AuctionDB, update your TSM_WoWuction data automatically every hour!
  • WoWuction provides both realm-specific market data as well as region-wide market data. The TSM_WoWuction module allows you to use this data in game.


TSM Settings Backup / Restore

  • Automatically backs up your TSM settings!
  • Backup frequency configurable.
  • Old backups can be automatically purged to reduce the amount of disk space used by backups.
  • Settings can be quickly restored from backups from within the application.

To Download:

Click here to see the installation instructions, and get the application.

Personal Message from Sapu, Lead Developer of TradeSkillMaster:

First of all, thank you for using TradeSkillMaster. The addon, website, and now application are only made possible by the dedicated work of a team of volunteers. While we all sincerely enjoy working on these as a hobby, we do have some expenses. It costs money to run this ad-free website which is now hosting the download of the application. We also love to run contests and offer awesome prizes!

So, continue to enjoy TradeSkillMaster, and have fun with this new application. If you feel the application (and/or addon) is useful to you, please donate to support their continued development. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to better the services which we provide to the community. No amount is too small. If every user of TradeSkillMaster contributed just $1, the possibilites of what we could offer to the community in terms of features, contests, and utilities would be endless.